Month: March 2015

How it all began

As a first post for this blog, I thought it would be nice if I would write  about how did I get involved with Computer Science, in particular, with Python.

The truth is that when I finished high school, I didn’t have a clear idea of what to do next. Then I found out about “Codecademy” , an online course that allowed me, through practice, to learn the basics of Python. I started learning Python  because I was told that it was a great programming language to start with.  I have to say that at the beginning, the course was like a hobby for me, but then I found out that the more I went on, the more I loved it.

Later on, I found out about open source, in particular about OpenStack and I started  making some contributions to a project named Zaqar. The first thing I had to learn was how to use Git, and I have to say that I’m still working on that.The fact is that you can panic with all those new commands and different workflows, but the more you contribute, the more you understand it.

Thanks to the  collaborations I’ve made to Zaqar, I really understand the philosophy behind open source and all its benefits. For example the fact that people from any part of the world and with different knowledge, can collaborate with others in a same project to help improving its services. I think that one of the things I like the most about open source, is that even if you are new to this field, you are encouraged to get more involved with it and  gain more confidence and knowledge.

I recently attended a M.I.T course named “Introduction to Computer Science and programming using Python”. The course was really challenging , but it helped me to think more logically and taught me to use different approaches to solve problems. What I liked the most about it is that  it wasn’t based only on theory, but also on practical exercises. It also helped me to better understand the functionality of certain types of code.

My next goal now, would be to participate to the next Outreachy program’s  round in order to learn even more about programming and to get better at it. This would be a huge opportunity because it would not only help me gain more confidence with this field, but it would also allow me to take literally my first steps into this new career.

So, what I wanted to do with this first post was to tell you about my experiences with computer science already, in particular, with open source. I also wanted to show that, when you enjoy doing something and you think it could be your future, there is nothing that could stop you from doing it. So, basically, one of the things  I’ve learned from all this , is that you can build your future based on what your dreams are, or on what you feel good at doing and not based on what you SHOULD do or HAVE to do.