I know Kung Fu…now what?

For those who, like me, have just learned the basics of a certain programming language, and are beginning to think that this is what they want to do the rest of their life, you are probably thinking: “now what?” “how can I profit from this ongoing study and effort I’ve made until now?”. If you’re asking those questions to yourself, then we are on the same page. That’s why I wanted to share, in this short post, what I recently found out.

One of the ways to start challenging yourself, getting profit from what you’ve learned and, more importantly, to gain more confidence with the code, is subscribing to something called “freelancer”, which is a website that allows you to find tasks to accomplish for other people, with a money reward, depending on how difficult the task is.

Another great idea is to work on open source projects, I mean, there are a lot of organizations that allow you to work on rewarded internships in an open minded and collaborative atmosphere, giving you the opportunity to become a better programmer, while learning on the process.

So, the idea is not only about getting profit from what you’ve learned, but also to achieve even more, to become better as a programmer and to get more experiences to share.

Although I’m sure that there are more ways to profit from what you’ve learned that I’m not yet aware of, these are some of the things I’ve found out about recently that I hope could be, somehow, useful for you and allow you to take little steps into your future.


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