Have you tried Django?

If you are into web development or into python but you want to try other things, then you can try using Django. For those who perhaps don’t know yet what is it, Django is an open source Python’s framework for web development.

As I may said so many times by now, I’m new at programming, so I heard about Django but I didn’t really understand what was it. The first thing that I did was, obviously, look for documentation, but I found it, at first, a little bit difficult to perfectly understand it and just start trying it. So I start looking for tutorials on youtube that may helped me to get it better, but although it was explained really well, I felt like that wasn’t the kind of explanation I was looking for, the one that really satisfied me. Then I found out about the Django girls  tutorial, which was made by a community of women passionate by Django.

For people who don’t have a long experience with programming or just with Python, this tutorial could be very useful, as it gives a really slightly explanation of what Python is, how to use the command line and obviously, it also explains really well what Django is and how it works by helping you step by step making a website.

So what I wanted to do with this post was to share the experience I’ve had with Django until now and more importantly, I just wanted to make you understand that sometimes, when you’re looking for new experiences, new things to learn, you may found the documentation a little bit difficult to get at first, and you may think that the new things you’re trying to learn are just too hard, but the fact is that it could be just about the kind of information your reading. Sometimes you just need to find the one that really satisfies you and makes you understand things better.


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