Stop being your own limitation

There’s a very famous quote from Gandhi that says: “be the change that you want to see in the world“, and I could change it a little bit and say “be the change that you want to see in your life“. Sometimes we just look for a turn in our life to happen, but then the fear overcomes and we decide to not change anything because, after all, our life isn’t that bad.

I’ll share with you something in which I’m working on; there are so many things, positive ones, that are happening to me right now: I got accepted to the Outreachy internship, which is fantastic, I’m now working on two projects that involve opening a chapter of two different and famous groups in my country, which is awesome! But the thing is that, shy and insicure as I am, sometimes fear overcomes and what I think is: “Will I be able to do this?”, “I’m only 20 years old, what am I doing?”.

Those are the kind of questions that come into my mind because, as well as so many people, I fear failure. But should I or we keep thinking that way? Those questions are the ones that can really, in my opinion, lead to the failure we all fear, because we are just putting limits to ourselves, we are not opening our minds to positive changes and opportunities.

The fact is that every time we have to take a decision, or an opportunity, small or big that it could be, we have to take that risk in order to that change to happen, and what I’ve understood is that there is no success without failures and risks being taken.

So what I can say is that when fear overcomes, we just need to stop thinking about the possible failure that the risk you are going to take could lead to, but try thinking, instead, about the positive changes that will happen in your life if you DO take that decision, about the accomplished you will feel after you take that risk and beat that fear you were having before.

Stop thinking about your limitations, because the thing is that those limitations are just in your mind, you can do anything you want, you can be that change you want to see in your life.


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