Obstacles: the path for your learning.

Well, hello there!

As last week, I would like to describe you how was my week at OpenStack. I don’t want this post to be all about technical stuff, though. I would like to give  a more subjective perspective and some advices as well.

This week I had to work on functional tests, but by doing so, I found another bug that kinda drove me crazy. dealing with this other bug, took me more time that I expected and it prevented me from finishing my weekly task in time.

I have to say that I had a difficult time with debugging, as for me is not that easy, at the moment, to perfectly understand errors and how to deal with them. It is certainly something I really have to work on, but I also understand that it requires just a little more practice.

Working on this task kinda made me realize that sometimes, or I’d say, most of the times, things don’t always go as you expect it, and it is normal to deal with frustration and discouragement, because it makes part of the experience.

The important thing is to understand that it is OK if you don’t find the solution right away. Sometimes you have to free your mind, go take a walk, get some coffee or simply go to eat a cookie and then come back to work on your task.

You also have to understand that frustration brings more frustration, so why get frustrated? Just accept that it is an obstacle that you can totally get through, and if you can’t find a solution, then ask help from the community, someone’s gonna have an idea, or at least some compassion :mrgreen:.

The important thing is that you do your best in what you’re working on, and that you realize that it is normal to have a hard time doing something, because at the end it is what makes you grow.


One thought on “Obstacles: the path for your learning.

  1. Nice post! I am spending some time to learn how to debug better, there are tools in my project that I don’t know much how to use but I think it is worthy learning, so I won’t spend that much time asking me why it doesn’t work. Frustrating indeed.

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