Scared of asking questions?

Hello folks!

I have to say that this few weeks have been a little bit challenging. My task now is to implement a management for subscriptions on zaqarclient v2; but in order to do that I have to add some missing features. So as my mentor told me, I’m implementing what is needed by stages in order to make it simpler to review.

Working with this new task led me to deal with two things that are actually an issue at the moment for me, and I bet for a lot of people too. The first thing I had to work on is thinking out of the box. I’m certainly not the first one dealing with this, but as a beginner I know how difficult it can be to just start trying to implement in a reasonable way what you’ve learnt and to find a suitable and better solution for a problem.

I now want to share some of the encouragements that some people from the OpenStack community gave me, and those are:

  • thinking out of the box is something that requires time to achieve, especially for beginners;
  • thinking out of the box is not simple, especially because the box is really deep.

So don’t feel discouraged just because now it’s difficult to achieve that skill, everything requires time and practice. Don’t be too hard with yourself, someday you’ll probably be giving these same advices to others.

The second issue I had to deal with, and I still am, is beating  the fear of asking questions. This issue is surely something that affects a lot, and I say a LOT of people, because we have  this wrong thought that we should know everything about everything; we feel embarrassed or ashamed of asking something that we think it’s stupid. We are always thinking of what people may think about us. We feel judged, but the truth is that it’s just in our mind, and what I’ve understood is that people is always ready to help you and they don’t judge you, because probably the people you’re asking the question to, have already asked that same question in the past.

So, I know is not an easy task, is not easy to just put yourself at the center of attention, but I believe it’s a fear that HAS to be beaten because if you don’t, you’ll probably lose more time with those doubts looking the information by yourself, when you can just ask to someone that may answer you sooner and more efficiently.

We have to understand that whatever we ask is not a stupid question and we should not be ashamed of it, because by asking that question we’d probably be helping other people that didn’t have the courage to ask the same thing. We shouldn’t feel embarrassed at all, because we’d probably may not  know something, but we surely know other things that maybe others don’t know yet.

So, be proud of asking those “stupid” questions, because those are the ones that make you achieve more and more knowledge, the ones that make you seem as someone who really cares about his/her learning, and the ones that will lead you to your success.


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