EuroPython 2015!

Hey there!

A few weeks ago I went to the EuroPython conference in Bilbao and it was AMAZING! During my week there, I got the opportunity to attend amazing talks and workshops, and I was also able to participate as a coach in the Django Girls one! I really loved teaching other people and, while doing that, I learned new things from my own students and from other meta-coaches from the workshop that helped me understand things better.

I was also able to participate to the first day of the sprints, where I could learn something that I was not expecting to like that much: how to use Docker. I wanted to learn a little bit about Docker months ago and I did not expect to get a perfect explanation from someone who actually works for Docker at a sprint day. That just certifies that sprints are also worth it and that you can still learn there.

What really amaze me is the awesome people you can meet at those conferences, and how much you can gain from just talking to them. Also, I’m always impressed by all the people that want to give a change to their life and use programming to improve themselves and their carriers that, sometimes, don’t have anything in common with the programming world; I find those people really inspiring.

Conferences are a great way to share ideas with others and to learn new concepts. I got the chance to talk to women that, as me, are organizing the PyLadies group in their countries and they gave me a lot of ideas and advices of how to run my own group, especially at the beginning. Talking to them helped me open my mind and understand how much things can be done in this  amazing group.

To summarize it all: I had an awesome experience coaching in the Django Girls workshop, I met awesome people from different parts of the world, I  made new friends, I got a lot of PyLadies stickers from Lynn Root, I ate a lot of “pintxos”(to much in my opinion), I won a google t-shirt, I took all the gadgets I could get, I drank a lot of energize drinks( too much, people say…), and I had the FANTASTIC opportunity of meeting my mentor from the Outreachy internship in person! So, yeah, I had a lot of fun and learned a lot of new things, especially that conferences are always worth it and they shouldn’t be missed!


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