Thank you Outreachy!


This week was my last week in the Outreachy internship and, now that it’s over, I would like to share with you what I have to say about my whole experience.

Even if I had worked before in the OpenStack Zaqar project, during this internship I could get more deeply into it and understand it better. I have to say that at first, it was kinda hard to totally understand everything, and sometimes I felt like a fish out of the water, but the more I went on and the more I was able to get more familiar with everything.

Let’s say, however, that there were also moments of panic, and at some points I just wanted to throw my laptop off the window or at least put it inside my oven in pizza mode. Some of the difficulties I found were a few bugs in the server side that I had to deal with and that took me some time. Apart from those bugs, there were moments where I just broke things, and I had to ask my mentor to help me go through it. In this respect I have to say that the hard times and brainstorming moments were the ones that REALLY taught me a lot. I wasn’t even expecting to actually finish my task and to get to work on some extra things, but it happened.

During this internship I could have moments of fun and learning at the same time, and an example of that, was the EuroPython conference in Bilbao, in which I also had the luck of meeting my mentor in person.

So let’s say it, this was an extremely awesome internship. I had fun, but more importantly, I leaned a LOT of things and for this, I don’t only have to say thank you to Outreachy in general, but also to my mentor who is an amazingly patient teacher, an awesome friend and an inspiring reference.


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