OpenStack Summit

Hello guys!

Well, from the title of this article, you probably figured out what I’m going to talk about in this post, so(spoiler alert): I went to my first OpenStack summit, and it was incredible! However, before talking about the summit in general and my first experience with it, let me talk you about Japan, where the conference was held.

My impression of Japan is that it is the kindest, advanced and positively craziest place I’ve ever been to. The People is always ready to help you, even if they don’t speak the same language, they’ll find the way to be helpful, even take you themselves to the place your looking for, if necessary. From the silence in the trains, you can get that Japonese people always try to be as less bothering as possible to who’s near them.

Everywhere you go there’s technology, but that’s something we all know, at least we have the concept of Tokyo as a city full of big screens, big buildings, karaoke and  video games; and that’s exactly how it is, even better I must say. When we all think of Japan, one of the things that come into our minds is that it is the country of Manga and Anime, but I didn’t imagine that people would actually dress up like cartoon characters and go out like that, crazy but awesome at the same time! So in general, an amazing and beautiful culture.

Now, the article is called “OpenStack Summit”, not “Japan, and amazing culture”, right? So better start talking about the summit. The conference was really overwhelming, since the biggest one I attended was the EuroPython. Compared to what I’ve seen until now, this summit was very well organized, keeping in mind that it was divided in four different buildings, maybe five. It was, in fact, really easy to understand where to go in order to attend a talk or workshop.

One of the things that I can say is that for someone how’s new to OpenStack or usually contributes to only one project, it can be difficult to understand which talk to attend, there should be at least one really basic talk for each project, so that beginners can understand how a particular component works.

If you usually contribute to an OpenStack project, then, the Design Summit is the best place to be, at least it was for me. I learned a lot about Zaqar(the project I usually contribute for) there, in fact, I was able to understand some topics that weren’t that clear for me, also I could listen to new Ideas for the future of the project and motivations to put apart some others.

There were a lot of companies that I’d never heard before sponsoring the conference, and I was amazed by all the opportunities they were offering, especially the number of internships. It was really motivating by that point of view.

As any other conference, one of the best things was talking to new people, listening to other’s experiences and learning from them. Another fantastic thing of the summit for me, was meeting for the first time people who usually contribute to the same project, getting to know them in person, or meeting again with people I already knew, that I now consider friends. It was really fun!

In general, this was the best conference experience I’ve ever had. I learned many interesting things about Zaqar and about other components of OpenStack as well; I got contacts from great companies, I met a lot of awesome people, and experienced an amazing and beautiful culture. Now, I can’t wait for the next summit in Austin!


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