PyConES 2015

I know, we are already in 2016 and I’m very slow at  publishing blog posts, but I didn’t want to skip this one. I realized it’s a great thing to share the conferences I attend and my experiences in each one of them; which bring us to talk about PyConES.

This PyconES was held in Valencia. It was a three days conference, in my opinion, totally worth it. It was really well organized. The first day was organized for all the workshops. I slipped in the Django Girls workshop and helped some of the attendants. It was really fun because I knew one of the organizers and also some of the attendants, so that made it even more fun that it normally is.

I learned new things in the following two days. There where lots of great talks, some of them where really scientific, but amazingly interesting at the same time. Other talks helped me clear some of my doubts and understand things better, they were really useful.

I found many of the talks really original and exciting, but what I liked the most were the keynotes, in particular I found really inspiring one held by Yamila Moreno about what can the Python community learn from Plutarch, and about how embracing the diversity in the Python community can help one day to improve the entire society (I’ll  upload this keynote for the Spanish speakers as soon it’s available).

In general it was a great conference that I hoped it lasted a little longer than just three days, it was really refreshing and awesome for a beginner developer. As I said before, it was totally worth it. Absolutely not to miss if you speak or understand Spanish.



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